Lores of Yria - Haunter of Dreams PDF

199 ratings
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Lores of Yria - Haunter of Dreams PDF

199 ratings

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The printed version of Haunter of Dreams is available in my online store at: https://www.yriachronicles.com/shop

You get the full PDF with all extra pages.

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Language: English


A small boy is thrust on a vastly colourful and deep journey through beauty and horror. With only his bravery and dedication, he moves beyond what terrors await beneath his imagination.
Follow him down, into the abyss deeper than anything, and unravel the secret of what moves him to embark on a journey, which only a dreamer might be able to experience.

The Haunter of Dreams is a spinoff comic of my main comic series, „Myre: Chronicles of Yria“. It's a lore that I created alongside the making of the first volume of Myre and has now become a separate adventure on its own. Haunter of Dreams leads you into the dreamscapes of a little boy who has to overcome his biggest fears and worries. It's a story of strength and hope.

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I want this!

Haunter of Dreams full PDF, Wallpaper & ReadMe

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